The illegal or unsafe use of alcohol and other drugs is potentially problematic in any setting. Because these behaviors can interfere with student learning, the rights of others, SSU's educational mission and our commitment to the health and safety of the campus community, SSU expects compliance with all policies, laws, regulations, and common sense guidelines applicable to the use and misuse of alcohol and other substances. To address these issues, SSU provides trainings, resources, and mechanisms to facilitate compliance as well as disciplinary interactions when necessary.

Health insurance is not required for SSU students to use the SHC and the SHC does not bill or accept health insurance. However, health insurance is strongly recommended to help students and their families cover the cost of off-campus medical needs such as urgent care or hospital visits, ambulance transport, specialty care, complex diagnositc tests, out of area care or other services that are beyond the scope or hours of operation of the SHC. Students should have a basic understanding of any third party coverage they may have and always carry their insurance card with them.

See After Hours Resources for a list of local after hours health care providers as well as health and mental health hotlines. Campus Police are 24/7 first responders and can be reached by dialing (707) 664-4444 or by dialing 911 while on campus. Calling 911 is the best option for medical or other emergencies that occur off campus. Students are responsible for any charges incurred when accessing off campus resources.

No. The SHC cannot receive or store individual medications for students. Students concerned about the safety of their medication should purchase a small safe or lock box for this purpose. If the medication requries refrigeration, they should purchase a small dorm-size refrigerator and locking mechanism.

Families are encouraged to establish their own communication mechanisms regarding medical or injury circumstances.  If the student is seen at the SHC, the SHC expects that the student will inform family members as they feel is appropriate.  Information from the SHC is confidential and will be provided only at the student’s request with written consent. 

The SHC provides quality outpatient medical care for acute and sub-acute illnesses, injuries, and basic mental health concerns. Most visits are at no additional cost to the student.

Discounted fees are charged for:  medications, vaccines, specialized diagnostic tests, supplemental medical supplies, summer services, and pre-employment physicals and pre-participation physicals.

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Fall entrants should upload records before the end of June and no later than July 15th. Spring entrants should upload records before the beginning of December and no later than December 10th. To avoid late penalties and allow time for processing, records showing proof of immunization or immunity must have been received at least six weeks before a student's first semester of SSU classes begin. For more information on how to upload immunizations see Immunizations.

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