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Notice to Consumers

  • The Student Health Center (SHC) is funded by mandatory health fees (part of SSU registration fees).
  • Student Health Center (SHC) services are available only to regularly enrolled SSU students (and students currently enrolled in and paying mandatory student health fees through certain SSU supervised programs). Only regularly enrolled SSU students are also eligible for basic health services at other CSU Student Health Centers during the academic year.
  • Most regular medical visits and services are provided without additional charge although nominal user fees are charged for pharmaceuticals, summer services, some supplies, procedures and diagnostic tests and for failure to return borrowed equipment on time or cancel an appointment in advance. Patients are notified of user fee charges at the time of the service and are provided a receipt upon payment.  Patients may request user fee information at any time.
  • Billing and re-billing charges may be assessed for failure to pay at the time of service or if there are continuing unpaid balances.
  • Registration HOLDS are placed on the records of students who have not paid past due balances or returned borrowed equipment on time. Holds can only be cleared by paying the balance due.
  • Insurance is not required to attend SSU or use the Student Health Center. Supplemental insurance is advised for needs that are beyond the scope of practice and hours of operation of the SHC.
  • Patients are financially responsible to the provider for medical services received outside the Student Health Center or off campus.
  • Individually identifiable medical information is confidential and patient privacy is respected.
  • Suggestions or complaints may be submitted to the Student Health Center Director, to any SHC employee, and/or to the Suggestions Box in the SHC lobby.
  • Medical and other CSU liability issues are handled through the California State University Risk Management Authority.
  • Physicians are licensed and regulated by the Medical Board of CA; Nurse Practitioners by the CA Board of Registered Nursing; PAs by the CA Physician Assistant Board; and Pharmacists by the CA Board of Pharmacy. The Student Health Center is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care. These organizations can receive feedback from consumers.
  • The licensed SHC Pharmacy maintains a limited low cost formulary of prescription and non-prescription items. Patients may choose to use the SHC Pharmacy or an external pharmacy at their own expense.
  • The Pharmacy is able to fill only those prescriptions written by SHC medical providers for conditions diagnosed and treated at the SHC.
  • Patient consultation is provided by a licensed pharmacist. Ask the pharmacist or your SHC medical provider if you have questions about medication dosage, possible side effects, drug interactions, etc.
  • The Pharmacy is closed during portions of the summer. Prescription refills on record at the SHC Pharmacy expire at the end of the school year and when a patient is no longer enrolled at SSU.