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Sleep seems to generate two camps of thought.  One camp perhaps aligns best with a quote from Thomas Dekker, “Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” The alternative camp perhaps closer to the heart of most college students is reflected in a quote from Michael Stone, “Sleep is the enemy.”

As academic and social demands pile up it is sleep that is often the first casualty. Because sleep outwardly appears to be a time when nothing is going on as the body takes a respite its importance is diminished. However, we are just beginning to understand the importance of sleep and its paramount importance to keeping both the mind and body healthy. For more information visit:

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National Institute of Health – News in Health - The Benefits of Slumber – Why you need a good night sleep.

Harvard Medical School– Sleep, Learning and Memory.

Healthline – Twenty simple tips that help you fall asleep quickly.

If you are having problems with sleep please see one of the providers at the Sonoma State University Student Health Center.