NCAA Sports Physicals

Pre-participation Exam Instructions for SSU Division II Athletes

Carefully read this before you make your appointment!

  • The purpose of the athletic physical is only to evaluate readiness for participation in SSU Intercollegiate Athletics.  If you have unrelated medical concerns, make a separate appointment with your personal physician or with a Student Health Center physician or nurse practitioner.
  • Please try to make your appointment 2-3 weeks in advance.
  • If you wear corrective lenses, bring them to your physical exam visit with you.
  • To be given an appointment for an athletic physical, the student must have provided the following:
    • To the SHC My Health Portal
      • Proof of CSU required immunizations.
      • Proof of Athletic Department required immunizations for intercollegiate athletes of all ages:
        • Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccine:  2 separate doses or blood test proof of immunity.
        • Hepatitis B vaccine  - 3 separate doses or blood test proof of immunity.
        • Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis booster (Tdap) or tetanus (Td) vaccine - one dose in the past 10 years.
        • Meningococcal vaccine
    • To the SHC and athletic trainer:  Athletic Physical History Form.  Must be filled out and signed by athlete completely and accurately. 
    • To the SHC:  for students under age 18, a Consent for Treatment of Minors form signed by parent/guardian.
    • To the SHC:  signed Authorizations to Release Medical Information forms with providers names and addresses to obtain medical records or written clearances from provider(s) who cared for medical conditions associated with your athletic participation or that may require attention during your participation.  Examples include orthopedic or other surgery; significant musculoskeletal, spinal, or head  injury; concussion; diabetes; asthma; treatment with ADD or ADHD medication; and mental health issues.  If you already have written clearances or copies of your record, turn those into the SHC with your paperwork in lieu of the signed release of records form. 
    • To the SHC and Athletic Trainers:  NCAA requires documentation of your sickle cell status (due before participation begins). A positive test does not necessarily exclude the student athlete from participation. Read the Sickle Cell Trait information from the NCAA.
      • If you were born California on or after 2/26/90 you were likely screened for sickle cell at birth and can go to CDPH to download results .
      • If you don’t have a sickle cell result from this or another source you may get a test through the SHC.  A screening sickle cell test via the SHC is $10.  If positive, a confirmatory test is an additional $14. 
    • To the SHC:  the basic $60 fee for an athletic physical is due at the time the appointment is made. Additional charges (at SHC acquisition cost) are made for immunizations, lab tests, etc. as needed and are due at the time of service. 
  • The seasonal flu vaccine is strongly recommended for college athletes because of increased exposure risk. Infection could be life threatening, compromise athletic participation and academics, and spread to others.  The flu vaccine is available to SSU students at the SHC for a nominal fee that reflects SHC acquisition cost. It is usually available by September of each year.