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Activities and Accomplishments

Health activities vary from year to year based on the priorities and choices of SHAC members.


  • Advise/suggest changes to the Student Health Center services and access
  • Table at the Student Health and Wellness Fair
  • CAPS, Save a Seawolf Training 
  • Professional Guest Speakers - from an array of health related careers
  • Doggy Play Day - Visiting therapy dogs for students to pet for stress reduction
  • Big Nite Welcoming Event
  • Promote Sexual Health with condoms, HIV & STI testing
  • Volunteering at Food Banks
  • February 14th is "Puppy Love" bringing love from therapy dogs so everyone can have a Valentine
  • Handling publicity, intake, patient flow, etc. for flu shot clinics
  • Stress Less Event
  • Collaborations with other groups on campus
  • Recruitment of Student Health Activities Club members
  • Planned tabled outreach about health services 
  • Work closely with the SHAC advisor to promote health messages; marketing and events


  • One of SHAC’s greatest accomplishments took place as a result of the budget crisis that shook California in the 1990’s. At that time, SSU nearly eliminated funding for Health Center services to students. SHAC helped craft and support a cost effective per-semester fee mechanism that preserved health services for students at SSU and indirectly throughout the CSU system. Giving feedback about student perceptions of Student Health Center operations and about campus health issues.
  • Suggesting topics for the Student Health Center to review; training, website updates/marketing and access to information
  • Surveying students about health issues such as campus smoking policy, etc.