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Welcome to the Sonoma State Community. The SSU Student Health Center (SHC) provides quality outpatient medical care for acute and sub-acute illnesses, injuries, and basic mental health concerns. Most visits are at no additional cost to the student. Discounted fees are charged for medications, vaccines, specialized diagnostic tests, supplemental medical supplies, summer service, pre-employment physicals, and pre-participation athletic physicals. 

While interim and transitional care is offered for medical stabilization and support purposes, continuing comprehensive care is not provided for chronic or complex conditions that may require hospitalization, after hours monitoring, the attention of a specialist, or similar interventions that are beyond the SHC’s scope, staffing, or hours of operation. While not required, we recommend your student have health insurance coverage to help cover any off campus/after hours medical costs. If your student is currently being seen by a healthcare provider for an ongoing condition, we recommend they continue that relationship and/or find a local provider through their insurance. It is best for your student to have a discussion with their healthcare provider well in advance of coming to SSU so appropriate plans can be put in place. For more information see Health Insurance, Services.

Prior to coming to SSU, students should know the details of their medical history, any allergies, names and doses of medications, and the contact information of their off-campus healthcare providers. Students should also bring their health insurance card and a supply of medications they take on a continuing basis with them when they come to college.

If your student will be under 18 when starting college, you need to fill out the Consent for Treatment of Minors prior to the start of school.

For further info, please see our FAQs, After Hours Info, Other Campus Resources.