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TB Screening and Testing

TB screening and testing (by skin test or blood test) is available at the SHC as medically indicated or as required for participation in certain academic programs. The screening process can be done online in your MyHealth Portal:

  • Login to your MySSU account.
  • Click on the MyHealthPortal tile and login to your account (same user name and password as MySSU).
  • Enter your date of birth.
  • On the left-hand menu click on ‘Appointments,’ then ‘Schedule an appointment.’
  • Choose ‘Tuberculosis Screening/Test.’
  • Follow the prompts.

If you are a teaching credential student, childcare facility student, or need a TB clearance for a class your screening will be completed entirely online unless you have any risk factors that would indicate an in-person screen. Those students with risk factors as well as nursing students and other students needing a TB skin test for volunteering/working in a medical facility can make an appointment for the skin test through the MyHealth Portal or by calling the SHC.​ You will be required to return to the SHC 48-72 hours later for a reading of the skin test so make sure you will be available in the return window prior to making your initial appointment.