We are not able to hand out bandaids or other first aid supplies without an assessment by a licensed clinician. If you are in need of a bandaid, you have a few options:

  • Make an appointment at the SHC and have an assessment by a clinician. If indicated, your wound will be cleaned and dressed. During the academic year, this is at no additional charge to you but may involve some wait time.
  • Purchase bandaids at the SHC Pharmacy or at the bookstore.

No. The SHC cannot receive or store individual medications for students. Students concerned about the safety of their medication should purchase a small safe or lock box for this purpose. If the medication requries refrigeration, they should purchase a small dorm-size refrigerator and locking mechanism.

We follow evidence-based medical best practices that are in the best interest of the patient. This means prescribing medications in accordance with established clinical practice guidelines that address the indications for a particular medication, patient safety, and potential medication side effects. Antibiotics can be excellent treatment for certain bacterial infections and are prescribed by SHC providers in accordance with scientific medical standards.

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