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We are not able to hand out bandaids or other first aid supplies without an assessment by a licensed clinician. If you are in need of a bandaid, you have a few options:

  • Make an appointment at the SHC and have an assessment by a clinician. If indicated, your wound will be cleaned and dressed. During the academic year, this is at no additional charge to you but may involve some wait time.
  • Purchase bandaids at the SHC Pharmacy or at the bookstore.

The SHC does not perform "general" physicals. In addition to our basic services (including visits for acute and sub-acute illness and injury, basic mental health concerns, women's health, contraception, travel medicine, etc.), we do offer physical exams needed for employment and sports participation as an augmented service, at a nominal cost.

See After Hours Resources for a list of local after hours health care providers as well as health and mental health hotlines. Campus Police are 24/7 first responders and can be reached by dialing (707) 664-4444 or by dialing 911 while on campus. Calling 911 is the best option for medical or other emergencies that occur off campus. Students are responsible for any charges incurred when accessing off campus resources.

The SHC provides quality outpatient medical care for acute and sub-acute illnesses, injuries, and basic mental health concerns. Most visits are at no additional cost to the student.

Discounted fees are charged for:  medications, vaccines, specialized diagnostic tests, supplemental medical supplies, summer services, and pre-employment physicals and pre-participation physicals.

For more information see:

Only in rare circumstances and only after having been given a special hard copy permit by an SHC staff member- this must be displayed on your dashboard. These parking spots are reserved for those who are assisting in the transport of a patient too ill to transport themselves and for emergency vehicles. If you fit this kind of circumstance, call the SHC in advance and request a special permit otherwise you will be ticketed by parking services.


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