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Birth Control

The initial medical visit for an individual seeking hormonal contraception at SSU includes:

  • Prior to your visit:
    • Visit Planned Parenthood and/or Bedsider to review all birth control options. Birth control options available at the SHC include:
      • Birth Control Pill
      • Nuva Ring
      • Depo Provera
      • Condoms and Vaginal Film (available without prescription)
    • If you have previously had a Pap Test and/or STI testing, fill out and sign a Records Release Form and drop off at the Student Health Center prior to your appointment.
    • Read over the Reproductive Health Information
  • During the visit, the provider will review your pertinent medical history and provide individualized reproductive health consultation as well as contraceptive consultation if indicated and limited physical exam if indicated.
  • Physical exam may include pap smear, pelvic exam and/or breast exam only as indicated by age, symptoms, previous findings, standard recommendations for patient age, etc. Pap testing is not recommended before age 21.
  • Chlamydia and gonorrhea testing and testing for other sexually transmitted infections are available as indicated. (Chlamydia and gonorrhea testing is recommended annually for all sexually active biological females under age 25 - with or without symptoms, and for biological females and males of any age with symptoms or a new sex partner since their last test.) For more information see STI testing.