Will I be notified if my student is hurt or injured on campus?

Families are encouraged to establish their own communication mechanisms regarding medical or injury circumstances.  If the student is seen at the SHC, the SHC expects that the student will inform family members as they feel is appropriate.  Information from the SHC is confidential and will be provided only at the student’s request with written consent. 

Not all students hurt or injured on campus are seen at the SHC. Students with significant injures or those injured outside of the SHC operating hours may be advised by campus personnel to seek care from an off campus provider. SSU Police, who are the 24/7 first responders for the campus, may call an ambulance to transport a significantly ill or injured student to a hospital. If a student is so seriously injured that they are sent to a hospital and unable to act on their own behalf, family notification may occur, typically with the student’s consent via the treating hospital. Residential Life may have their own processes for when significant injury or life threatening circumstances occur for students living in the SSU residential community.

For more information visit SHC Privacy and Confidentiality.