Who is eligible for SHC services?

Fall and Spring Semesters:  Currently registered undergraduate, graduate, and extended education students who have paid the student health center fee are eligible for services. Most medical services are covered under the basic service fee with the exception of pharmacy, off-campus labs and durable medical supplies.

Summer Session: Eligibility varies during summer, nominal fees are charged. Eligible if any one of the following exists:

  • Registered students for the previous spring semester and are continuing into the fall.
  • New students are eligible for immunizations, titers, and NCAA sports physicals only.

Ineligible parties:

  • Students not registered for the current session unless noted otherwise.
  • Students who have graduated from the university.
  • Family members of students.
  • Visitors: summer camp, parents, potential students, vendors, construction workers.

Faculty/Staff: SSU employees are ineligible for services other than for RN first aid and flu vaccines for a fee.