What if I was never vaccinated and don't want to be?

A waiver form is required for certain vaccines and may be granted when a student has a confirmed medical condition that is a recognized contraindication to the particular vaccine. Such exemptions require a letter from the physician treating the condition and should include the medically indicated duration of the exemption. In accordance with public health guidelines in California, religious/personal belief waivers are no longer accepted by the CSU. 

If you have not been vaccinated, you can be seen by a private healthcare provider or at the Student Health Center prior to the start of the semester. Entering students who've paid their SSU Enrollment Reservation Deposit may get immunizations at the SHC beginning 8 weeks prior to the start of their first semester of SSU classes. Immunizations are provided at a nominal fee; insurance is not accepted at the SHC. 

Exempted and non-compliant students may be excluded from campus as a public health measure during a disease outbreak. SSU is not responsible for negative outcomes related to exemptions or delays in completing immunizations.