My doctor at home or at the ER usually gives me antibiotics when I get sick, Vicodin if I hurt, and Xanax if I feel anxious. Will the SHC provider do this?

We follow evidence-based medical best practices that are in the best interest of the patient. This means prescribing medications in accordance with established clinical practice guidelines that address the indications for a particular medication, patient safety, and potential medication side effects. Antibiotics can be excellent treatment for certain bacterial infections and are prescribed by SHC providers in accordance with scientific medical standards. Antibiotics don't help with viral infections or other non-bacterial infections, so their use is not always warranted and can be harmful. For more information see the CDC and Self Care.

Vicodin, Xanax, and similar medications have a place in medical treatment. However, they are DEA controlled substances because they can be overly sedating, easily misused, habit forming, and dangerous if not used judiciously.