Is alcohol a problem at SSU?

The illegal or unsafe use of alcohol and other drugs is potentially problematic in any setting. Because these behaviors can interfere with student learning, the rights of others, SSU's educational mission and our commitment to the health and safety of the campus community, SSU expects compliance with all policies, laws, regulations, and common sense guidelines applicable to the use and misuse of alcohol and other substances. To address these issues, SSU provides trainings, resources, and mechanisms to facilitate compliance as well as disciplinary interactions when necessary.

In addition, since there is considerable evidence that parents and family members continue to play a critical role in the decision-making and success of their students, we strongly encourage parents and family members to continue to discuss mutual expectations for a healthy, goal-directed college experience with their students, including: the hazards of misusing alcohol and other drugs, the value of speaking-up for what’s right in unsettling circumstances, and understanding the potentially life-saving importance of a prompt 911 call under SSU’s Good Samaritan Amnesty Policy.

Resources for parents and family members include: