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Mission and Diversity

Mission Statement

The mission of the SSU Student Health Center is to provide high quality, student-centered, on-campus medical, public health, and health education services that sustain the University mission and support student recruitment, retention, academic achievement and success. Services are designed to facilitate healthy lifestyle choices, promote a healthy campus environment, and reduce health related barriers to each student's engagement in a diverse and inclusive higher education experience.

Diversity Statement

The Student Health Center provides all regularly enrolled Sonoma State University students with access to low cost, culturally competent medical care, as well as health education, public health, and ancillary medical services. The intent is to facilitate a safe, healthy, welcoming environment for all students while reducing health related barriers to student success. The context is one that is attentive to the health related traditions, expectations, communication styles, medical conditions, lifestyles, and needs of various populations, while at the same time respecting each student as a unique individual who reflects their own interplay of backgrounds, lifestyles, perspectives, identities, and personal health circumstances.