A waiver form is required for certain vaccines and may be granted when a student has a confirmed medical condition that is a recognized contraindication to the particular vaccine. Such exemptions require a letter from the physician treating the condition and should include the medically indicated duration of the exemption. In accordance with public health guidelines in California, religious/personal belief waivers are no longer accepted by the CSU. 

Uninsured students 18 or younger who meet federal eligibility criteria may qualify for more significant vaccine discounts. These discounts are usually only available for immunizations received at public or community health clinics. Those over 18 who don't qualify will need to pay for vaccine costs out of pocket. Vaccine costs at the SHC are discounted in comparison to retail rates.

Through a private health care provider, health clinic, or the SSU Student Health Center (SHC). Entering students who've paid their SSU Enrollment Reservation Deposit may get immunizations at the SHC beginning 8 weeks prior to the start of their first semester of SSU classes and/or while attending their new student orientation session. Nominal fees reflecting the SHC's cost to purchase vaccine apply. For an appointment call (707) 664-2921.

Fall and Spring Semesters:  Currently registered undergraduate, graduate, and extended education students who have paid the student health center fee are eligible for services. Most medical services are covered under the basic service fee with the exception of pharmacy, off-campus labs and durable medical supplies.

Summer Session: Eligibility varies during summer, nominal fees are charged. Eligible if any one of the following exists:

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