SSU Wellness Screening

SSU is utilizing a Wellness Screen as one of its mitigation measures against COVID-19. For students attending class or utilizing facilities on campus or participating in any off campus course required placements such as internships or clinical assignments, it is expected that students complete the wellness screening daily, and prior to their arrival to campus or worksite. Students living on campus are also expected to fill out the wellness screening daily. There is a QR code at the entrance to each classroom building on campus that is easily accessed via a smartphone.  Wellness screenings are completed via the My Health Portal which you can log into with your SSU log in. It is also a tile on your MySSU page.  

What Can I do in the My Health Portal related to the Wellness Screening?

  • Complete the daily wellness screening. The wellness screening screens for current symptoms of COVID-19, recent exposure to COVID-19, and/or recent positive test for COVID-19.

  • Upload vaccination records and verify vaccination status.

  • Upload documentation of a medical or religious exemption and certify exemption status.

  • Upload a document certifying that the requirement is not applicable as you will not be accessing any campus facilities or participating in inperson activities or instruction.

  • Upload results of COVID-19 testing (testing done at the SHC is automatically integrated).

How do I get cleared to come on campus?

  • To get a green (“Cleared”) you must:

    • Complete the daily wellness screening AND

    • Upload proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 OR

    • Complete required weekly testing for COVID-19.


  • If something is pending you will get a yellow (“Not cleared”) status. The pending requirement will be either:

    • Complete the daily wellness screening AND/OR

    • Complete the weekly testing requirement (if not fully vaccinated)

  • If you are placed in quarantine or isolation you will get a red (“Not cleared”) status. 

    • You may be placed in this status due to being quarantined or isolated by SHC staff. You also automatically get placed into this status if you answer "yes" to the screening questions or get a postiive test result. If you think you have been put into this status by error, please call the SHC at (707) 664-2921 and we will help you resolve the issue.