What to expect at your first mental health appointment

Sonoma State University Student Health Center (SHC) is dedicated to helping students with the challenges they face during their time at Sonoma State University. At your initial SHC visit the provider will listen to your concerns and challenges you are experiencing and identify your strengths. 

At the SHC we offer assessment and support through transitional behavior health clinic visits in an effort to identify and help you decide what services best address your needs.
Everyone is an individual with unique challenges, so services that best suit you may be a combination of therapies such as counseling services offered on campus (CAPS), self-help coping skills, peer support, wellness activities and care offered by local community providers.

Additionally, medication can sometimes help suffering, improve functioning and be beneficial in combination with other wellness activities.  You and your provider will work together to determine if medication may be helpful in your situation.

The SHC is here to help you during any difficult periods in your academic career and work with you to find the care that best supports your needs.