What to expect at your first mental health appointment

At your initial SHC visit, the clinician will get to know you, listen to your concerns, what challenges you’re experiencing, and identify your strengths. Usually by the end of your initial visit, SHC will offer preliminary impressions, recommendations, and discuss your options. With this information you can decide how you want to proceed. This can include a combination of therapies, self-help coping skills, peer support, and wellness activities, much of which is available on campus or in the community.

Psychiatric medications can sometimes help relieve suffering, improve functioning, and be beneficial in therapy and your life. You and your SHC provider will work together to determine if medication may be useful. Medication prescribed by the SHC providers is usually available at the SHC pharmacy and may be offered at a reduced cost. If the medication is not available at the SHC pharmacy, you will need to fill the prescription at an off-campus pharmacy using your insurance or cash.

SHC follow-up visits will be tailored to your circumstances. You may stop your behavioral health treatment at the SHC at any time.  If so, we recommend you make an appointment with your SHC provider to discuss terminating your treatment or furnish the SHC with a signed letter stating your desire to end treatment.